Wednesday, March 22, 2017

American Society for Public Administration: Annual Conference 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

The 2017 Annual American Society for Public Administration Conference,  Saluting the Public Service, was held in Atlanta,Georgia at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel Conference Center from March 17-22, 2017. The Welcome Letter was from Nathan Deal, Governor of the State of Georgia, who applauded members for their dedicated service and wishes for a successful and enjoyable conference.

The Elliot Richardson Lecture was delivered effectively by former Governor L. Douglas Wilder of the state of Virginia, the first African American to be elected Governor in the US. According to the ASPA, his critically acclaimed memoir is Son of Virginia: A Life in America's Political Arena and I was pleased to extend greetings from New York (current Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of Matilda and Mario Cuomo). 

ASPA's current Presidencies have switched to the domain of women with immediate Past- President Maria P. Aristigueta, current President Susan T. Gooden, and newly elected President Janice La Chance with Executive Director William P. Shields, Jr.  In 2015, Julie Ann Racino attended the Leadership Meeting of ASPA and met both Maria Aristigueta and Susan Gooden, and in 2016 attended the Public Administration and Law dinner featuring Susan Gooden's new book on social equity.

Instead of a regional chapter membership, Julie Ann Racino is an International Chapter member of the American Society for Public Administration in part due to international consultations. The Fred Riggs International Symposium participants were given information on International Agendas in the Field of Disability (E.g., UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, International Right to Health) in 2016.  These included:

United States
US Direct Professional Support Workforce and the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare

US Patient and Affordable Care Act and the US Health Care Exchanges

US National Independent Living, Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Health and Human Services

US Presidential Campaign, Criminal Justice Reform, Universal Health Care, and International Relations

US Health Reform and Individual, Family and Community Health vs. Behavioral Health Care (e.g., Independent Living)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child (and Family Policies Around the World)

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

World Health Organization Mental Health Programme

International Disability Rights Monitor

Health and Human Services in the International Environment: Rehabilitation Centers and Regional Development, Water, Sanitation, and Vaccinations (Environment)

Migrants, Immigrants and Refugee Programs

Sustainability, Inclusion and Equity in Cities of the World

In 2017, the Fred Riggs International Symposium (one of two held on Friday, March 17, 2017) included presentations on Governance and Community Development, Challenges to the Public Sector: Ethics, Integrity and Corruption, Redefining the Role of Public Service Under Pro-Market Reforms in Asia, Comparing Public Service in Africa, Role of National and International Nonprofit Organizations in Governance, and Performance, Strategic Management, and Policy in Public Organizations. The International Hosts were Veronica Junjan of the University of Twente, Netherlands and Gedeon Mudacumara of Cheney University of Pennsylvania, both of whom have been in contact in 2016-2017 to the International Chapter Membership of American Society for Public Administration. 

The Deli S. Wright  Symposium was held concurrently and was sponsored by the Intergovernmental Administration and Management Section of ASPA. I attended the wrapup by Eric Zeemering and Mark Wright where Dovie Dowson, of Public Administration and the Law, subsequently discussed the next agenda for Denver, Colorado in 2018. This Symposium featured the Local and Government Review (also a journal), Collaborative Public Management moderated by Cynthia Bolling, and an Intergovernmental Management: European Perspective. Simultaneously, a workshop was held on Transportation in the 21st Century, a Labor Relations Workshop and on on Women in Leadership Roles. 

More information will be made available on the Saturday and Sunday events, the meetings of the Formation Section on Public Administration and Disability, and the presentation titled:
Expanding Theories in Disability and Community: From Community Integration to Community Inclusion, Equity and Sustainability in the Age of Terrorism. Moderator and Presenters for the latter were listed as: Allan Bergman, Julie Ann Racino, Stephen Rolandi, and Andrea Huston. The presentation was approved as Public Administration Theories for the Annual Conference and a paper for submission in 2017-2018 will be finalized. For 2018 in Denver, Colorado, Gedeon Mudacumara welcomes an international panel for the Fred Riggs Symposium event. 

We also would like to thank the Carter Center and Museum for the welcome reception event on Saturday evening and museum tour, and for the receptions at the Sheraton, including the new Korean Institute on Public Administration. 

Submitted by Julie Ann Racino, Member of the International Chapter of American Society for Public Administration, and Formation, Co-Chair of the Public Administration and Disability, 2016-2017

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