Tuesday, September 13, 2016

American Society for Public Administration Announces Annual Conference in March 2017

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) announced today its Annual Conference titled Saluting the Public Service. The Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia between March 17-21, 2017 and more information is available on http://www.aspanet.org/Conference2017.

The conference represents the profession of public administration in the US and has an international chapter, and links to international conferences and affiliations. Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is one of its member organizations for faculty, students and affiliates.

In conjunction with the conference, two symposia will be held, with this author attending the Fred Riggs International Symposium in March 2016 in support of the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN ENABLE, 2006).

Social equity welcomes award winners and members at its Gloria Hobson Social Equity Luncheon, and Women in Public Administration will be hosting its Annual Breakfast. Business meetings for Chapters and Sections are already scheduled for the conference event.

The current ASPA President for 2016-2017 is Dr. Susan Gooden of Virginia Commonwealth University which also chairs the social equity committee (Blue Wooldridge) whom I met at the mid-year meeting in Arlington, Virginia in Fall 2015.

ASPA Members interested in Public Administration and Disability as a Permanent Section are requested to contact: Julie Ann Racino and Allan Bergman, Public Administration and Disability Committee Co-Chairs, American Society for Public Administration, 1730 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036.

Julie Ann Racino, September 2016
Maxwell Alumni Association Class of 1985

American Society for Public Administration Tracks, 2017
Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

* Budgeting, Financial Management and Procurement
* Comparative Public Administration
* Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Technology
* Ethics, Integrity and Law
* Gender Studies and LGBTQ Issues and Policies
* Human Resources, Leadership and Public Management
* Nonprofits, Civic Engagement and Advocacy
* Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation
* Public Administration Theory
* Public Safety and Emergency Management
* Social Equity, Diversity, Immigration and At-Risk Communities

New or Similar Tracks will be available for 2018 Conference Presentations and Panels in Denver, Colorado. Submission in Fall 2017 for March 2018. Memberships for 2017-2018 Due by May 31, 2017. More information available online at ASPA (American Society for Public Administration).

Julie Ann Racino, May 2017
American Society for Public Administration
Health and Human Services Executive Committee

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